Straight outta Shayol Gul with Calandor in your hand. Our hero's life begin straight outta Shayol Gul, ending the circle that start there, effectively continue the endless Wheel of Time. A new life, starts again.

Fighting the Last Battle require not just power but wisdom and guile. To get out of Shayol Gul and back into the Wheel of Time again need preparation, much thoughts, and excutions.

To attract the eyes of the world, the dragon reborn call for the Great Hunt. With the shadow rising everywhere, Rand al Thor call for Fire of Heavens to defeat Lord of Chaos and win the Crown of Swords. Treading the path of daggers, bearing winter's heart, holding the knife of dreams, he will go beyond the crossroad of twilights. The gathering storms outline the Towers of midnight, with lightning and thunders, remind people of a Memory of Light. A New Spring comes, with caw of ravens.